Resume Blaster 
Moreover, most often than not, being called for an interview largely depends on being accessible at the right place and time. With thousands of recruiters looking to fill a vacant position everyday, it can sometimes be just a matter of availability that can get you your ideal job. Yet individually circulating your resume among st all the top recruiters who might be looking for candidates with your core expertise can be next to impossible since it involves too much of manual effort.
Designed to effectively meet this exacting need of jobseekers, our Resume Broadcast service strives to furnish you with multiple customizable options wherein you are given ample freedom to choose your elite set of recruiters whom you feel can assist you to land your perfect opportunity. With recruiters spanning diverse industries and locations you can now pick out the ones who match your criteria and be hired in the shortest possible time.
                         Indian Consultant          :- 3999 INR
                         Gulf Consultant                :- 2599 INR
                         India + G                                  :- 4999 INR